Orgone Collection


The ENERGY around us isn't as BALANCED as it once was. Do you agree? So the imbalance we face in a daily basis causes us to lose touch with what matters most to us. Hence, why you might feel more depressed, more anxious, feeling lost, can't sleep, doubt yourself, lose touch with love and others, question life, don't feel as happy and joyful as you once did and can't empathize with others. This can be frustrating as we don't often know what to do. But you come to the right place.

Energy Generating Orgone Pyramids helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and can aid in strengthening your energy body by converting low frequency energy into a higher frequency that is more beneficial for life forms including yourself, pets and plants. 


Within EACH Orgone are gemstones that provide BALANCE on what MATTERS most in our lives. You get to CHOOSE what Gemstone works BEST for you: Self-Confidence, Peace, Love, Inner-Growth, Comfort, Ambition, Healing of the Mind, Body & Soul.

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