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PODCleaner Pro Pen

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PODCleaner Pro Pen - Keep Your AIRPODS & EARBUDS Clean & Ear Wax Free!


PODCleaner Pro Pen is the perfect cleaning companion for your AirPods, Earbuds and headphones as it has all the necessary tools to keep them squeaky clean.  It's compact and slim design makes it easy to store or take with you anywhere.

⭐Works with all AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, or any ear buds

⭐Compact & Slim design

⭐Cleans in all spaces

⭐Strong & Durable for all travel situations

Tired of dirty AirPods or Headphones?

Ear wax, dust and other debris can get stuck inside your headphones or carrying cases.  PODCleaner Pro Pen handles all of the unwanted dirt and debris with a specific set of tools to help you clean your AirPods or earbuds.  These specialized tools fit perfectly into crevices that are hard to reach and will leave your headphones squeaky clean.

-Perfect set of tools to clean every crevice of your AirPods and Case

-Promotes good hygiene 

-Small and compact

The Perfect Tools for Cleaning

PODCleaner Pro Pen is a specialized cleaning tool that comes with a set of tools that specialized to clean your AirPods and earbuds.  Each tool was crafted specifically for getting into those hard to reach crevices.

-Hard-tipped scraper for getting in those tight crevices

-Hard-bristled brush for scrubbing away debris

-Large pipe cleaner for cleaning your AirPods Case

  • Sleek Design

    PODCleaner Pro Pen is small and sleek.  It fits into its pen casing like a glove and makes it so it's extremely portable.  Smaller is better in this case.

    Works just like a pen

    PodClean works just like a pen in the sense that you can attach the middle piece to the bottom of the pen to give you leverage while cleaning.  

    ⭐Attach either side into the base of the pen

    ⭐Allows you to put strength while cleaning

    ⭐Ergonomically comfortable

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x PODCleaner Pro Pen (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE = 2pcs total),
    • 2 x  PODCleaner Pro Pen (BUY 2 GET 2 FREE = 4pcs total)



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